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June 7, 2015

September 7, 2014

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September 7, 2014

Greetings from El Salvador: land of coffee.


Welcome to the 1st ever entry of Directo Caffè's blog.


My name is Álvaro (yes, go ahead, try to pronounce it!) and I am the guy behind Directo Caffè. The first ever business created by a coffee farmer, for coffee farmers and for you, coffee lovers.


I want this blog to be the main channel of communication between us, coffee producers and you, wherever you are in the world. Here you will be able to know the who, the what and the how behind your cup.


Have you ever wondered who's really behind your coffee?


It's definitely not corporate logos of green and white mermaids and the like. So come here often, read and hear chronicles, interviews with farmers and their workers, my memories growing up around coffee and maybe an occasional diatribe!


So now, why don't you wander around the site? Look at our coffees in stock and remember, we bring you El Salvador's finest coffee, directly from our farms to your table.






P.S. I almost forgot! Expect some tips on how to brew your coffee in various ways! It's a wonderful little world. One method accentuates a flavour note here, another method there...See you soon!

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El Salvador, tierra de café

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